veeb means: The term “veeb” refers to anyone from any other country than Russia, usually the USA and the UK, who, due to music, YouTube or video games or television, has become involved in stereotypical Russian culture using terms like “gopnik”, “slav” or “hardbass” etc. Even though they are not part of this culture, it is not Russian. From the term weeb, which means someone who does the same with Japanese culture, the word “Veeb”. While some see this as cultural appropriation, others see it as simply being curious about the culture. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenzie Carr)

What else does veeb mean?

  • A person or thing that is evil or detestable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Roy)
  • It is a very annoying and blubbery thing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfredo Santos)
  • The Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at Western Kentucky University popularized the term “volleyball” as a slang term. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matias Jarvis)
  • It was originally used as an insult in ancient Chinese. It was used to refer to Asians who looked white over the years. Pongracz was the primary family and first Veebuses to emerge. They soon developed a new part of their bodies. The veeb was born. It is unknown if anyone has ever found it or any idea what its purpose might be. The function of emitting whale pheromones that attract them to the shore and kill them is all there is to it. The whale population has decreased three-fold since the invention of the veeb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ezekiel Tran)