Vectorism means: This is the religious study that involves worshipping an acquired God wearing an orange jumpsuit. It is not your religion. You will feel tingling in your pubic bone and ur anis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Irene Copeland)

What else does Vectorism mean?

  • This religion is centered on Vector, the orange-winged man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Montserrat León)
  • Vectorism AKA I-Don’t-Want-to-Fail-Mathism is the next big religion, as defined by two brilliant prophets at TAMS, in Denton, TX. The speaker who claimed that Islam was a peaceful religion combined with the review of Multivariable Calculus the day before, inspired Vectorism, which has gained popularity on Facebook. The worship of Infinity the Almighty may grant you an A in Math, the pursuit for the path of the vector that has distance or longevity as well as direction and purpose, respect of unit vectors which shall always remain hatted and the strong knowledge of 1+1=shit are some of the major tenets. All sinners must reject trigonometry to be saved. This force will send them to eternal pain through math problems, not hellfire. Fermat’s final theorem, and other such things. The meaning of everything, life and the universe is 42. Vectorists are aware that flatworm farmers are the best amongst us. Platyphinterdites, the sacred platyhelminthes, were granted sight. They don’t have to like math. You just need to want to be able to do math. Spread the word like a virus; make sure you use all your vectors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zara Sims)