Vagina taco means: A man fills his vagina with meat, lettuce and sour cream. Then, he goes into the vagina to take the contents and the cum. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Ramos)

What else does Vagina taco mean?

  • Foreplay is multi-part and can only be enjoyed by those who have a particular fetish. Step 1. Spread the vagina lips apart and let your partner have a look inside. The “shell” will be the taco. Step 2: Have your partner push their shit down into the vagina. This is the meat of your taco Step 3. Have your partner go into the vagina and mix the piss with the shit. This is what you call the “cheese”. Step 3: Have your partner mix it together. This is the sauce for the taco Step 4: Let your partner finish the “tacos” by having him eat them until there is nothing left. After this, you can decide to continue sex or not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Woodward)