US CONSTITUTION means: Toilet paper slang (in Community Dictionary, added by Teodosia Guerrero)

What else does US CONSTITUTION mean?

  • The United States will ignore any document it considers necessary, much like the Geneva Conventions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elian Wheeler)
  • It is the defining document that defines American Democracy. It was signed in September 1787. It was created to replace weak Articles of Confederation, which didn’t have real power. The Constitution gave both the federal government and the states equal power to balance power sharing. The US Constitution separated the government into three branches. Judical Legislative Executive To give equal power, or to have a system called “Checks and balances”, so that no one branch is more powerful than another. This symbol has been a representation of American democracy and power, and it has also influenced the constitutions in other countries for over 200 years. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Villanueva)
  • 1 A document that was printed on hemp paper in the late 1700s. It established a new democracy, and is the foundation for the current government. Although it is a well-written piece, the Homeland Security Act renders it useless for protecting US citizens against illegal searches and seizures made by our police and military under the pretence of terrorist hunting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisca González)