Urban Word Of The Day means: An urban dictionary word well-described on its home page. This word is often something people must know in order to live and work in urban areas for more than a day. The word is vital for survival. Every person who has the ability should read it every day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alba Martínez)

What else does Urban Word Of The Day mean?

  • Abbreviated as “UWOTD” Daily e-mail alerting people to a silly definition submitted anonymously by the internet of an often pre-existing term. These words are often deemed “clever” and “funny” by many. Many people who get this email enjoy learning funny things every day. However, it can become annoying when the recipient does not check their e mail for several days. This could lead to a minor inconvenience when they need to look up multiple definitions at once. (in Community Dictionary, added by Justus Brock)
  • Daily email to subscribers to the Urban Dictionary newsletter. “Urban Word of the Day” is the chosen word or definition for the daily newsletter. These words are often given instant thumbs downs because they’re somewhat random and many of the positive words are already taken. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucian Buckley)
  • Daily, sometimes shaky, and unmoderated attempts at humor, hipness, or wordplay. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilliana Reyes)
  • Insinuating contemptuous sarcasm about utter futility. (in Community Dictionary, added by Branden Valentine)