Uno De Juno means: This festival is celebrated annually every year on the 1st of June. It is a popular event among New Yorkers who are Mexican immigrants. (in Community Dictionary, added by Declan Foster)

What else does Uno De Juno mean?

  • This holiday is where you go to Chipotle on the 1st of June, play uno and eat Guacamole Chips. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Kent)
  • Uno de Juno, the holiest of holy holidays, was initially a holiday for Spanish-speaking non-Mexicans. Some Puerto Ricans decided to make Uno de Juno their day of holy celebration after getting tired of being told that Mexicans speak Spanish and want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Although it was not intendedly misspelled, Uno de Juno’s first and sole rule is that the event isn’t celebrated on June 1. Instead, heavy drinking and drug use are the norm. Party-goers wear poorly-designed t-shirts and drink heavily. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antwan Suarez)