Uncunted means: Individuals who become so angry with someone or a group of people, they shout out incoherent profanities and truths about them that are not possible to say except when the situation is uncunting. A loud declaration that the other party is right and they should be killed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Bush)

What else does Uncunted mean?

  • It is possible for something already in place to be thrown out or broken, whether it’s a physical item or mental state. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tara Andrews)
  • If you are sexy with a woman, she may become uncausted. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danica Bruce)
  • A condition in which a woman suddenly loses control of her emotions and logical reasoning abilities. Emotions, bodily functions and mouth are all affected. This is most often caused by a male coworker or someone from the masculine gender. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Michael)