Uncle Ruckus means: This is when a person of color becomes a white supremacist, and then renounces his blackness. Uncle Ruckus can also be seen on the show’s adult swim program, the Boondocks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hyraxreis12)

What else does Uncle Ruckus mean?

  • Un black man living in the Boondocks, who is a lover of white people and believes slavery is a good thing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Ellison)
  • A black man who hates his race and panders to white people in the hopes of being praised or turning white one day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Beltrán Flores)
  • An animated character from “Boondocks”. Uncle Ruckus, a black man that worships whites and hates other races but predominantly blacks is called Uncle Ruckus. As offensive as his stereotypes about blacks can be, Uncle Ruckus’ jokes and stereotypes are both funny as well as offensive. Boondocks has a reputation for using metaphors in its characters and scenes. Uncle Ruckus’s ingenuity and creativity are unmatched. His character represents the non-black older generations of hispanics and asians who can be racist towards blacks, but also those that still hold on to prejudices about blacks. Uncle Ruckus’s portrayal of this part of society is both offensive and humorous. Uncle Ruckus can also be conflicting as he sometimes admits that he is black, but denies this at others times. It also acts as a symbol for those who lie about their history or hate the ones they are trying to be. Uncle Ruckus is a humorous representation of some of the most sinister aspects of society. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Sáez)
  • The Boondocks’ hilarious character, who may be the most sinister on the series. Yet, he hates his race and respects the white man. There is no relation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jay Vaughan)