Ufanism means: Ufanism is the Portuguese word “ufanismo”. It’s a type of jingoism or jactancy that involves excessive pride in a country and exaltation of its virtues. This can often be due to misinformed patriotism. Ufanists often exaggerate their praises and create a detached view of the real world. Ufanism, which is a form of ulitism, can be found in Brazil, North Korea and North Korea. It refers to the exaggerated praises of the population or certain groups that highlight the nation’s potential and accomplishments, beauty, natural wealth and hospitality of its citizens — while minimizing, ignoring or downplaying the issues, poverty, and technological backwardness. Portuguese is most commonly used from “Porque Me Ufano do Meu Pais”, “Why I am Proud of My Country”, written by Count Afonso celso. Spanish is the origin of “ufano”, which means an individual who boasts arrogantly about his extraordinary achievements. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryland Hayden)