Uberdyke means: My ex-boyfriends are my best friends. They are usually more sexy, but some women can be considered uberdykes. These women love and protect women. They will go to great lengths to help their crushes, fix problems, get gifts and spoil them. What is the difference between an uber-dyke or a man? A: A Vagina B: While they do good things for women, most expect nothing more than friendship and a thanks in return. Contrary to most men who believe they are worthy of your mortal soul because you said they were beautiful or some other thing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reddow2Heyday)

What else does Uberdyke mean?

  • A very masculine lesbian. Uberdykes can sometimes get a rush of energy that allows them to beat the hardest of men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xiomara Waters)
  • A female who works in the automotive industry and is manly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fizz)
  • The “group”‘s top lesbians (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Stanley)