Tyrus means: One who is unable to take a hint and keeps people tethered. His relationships are complicated and he makes girls cry. Although he is quite eccentric, girls love him. His actions can cause havoc in people’s lives. Don’t date him. This will lead to a disastrous end. Scary Mary is his love. He and Scary Mary have an odd relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kara Pope)

What else does Tyrus mean?

  • Tyrus is most likely to be sent to prison out of his friends. Tyrus is the type of man who can tell you all you want and then threaten you with the knife. Then he will act as if it were nothing. Tyrus has probably had an interesting and varied love life. Tyrus is very outgoing and probably was banned from the nearest grocery until he reached 18. Tyrus is a great friend and can give you great hugs. A Tyrus is a wonderful friend, and they can make your life very interesting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aydin Hartman)
  • Retards in the Locality, Biggest Retards in Town (in Community Dictionary, added by Keely Esparza)
  • He is a freaking cool, well-respected guy among his classmates at the school. His intelligence, humor, kindness, and beauty make him a smart, charming, handsome, and funny guy. Aryan will threaten you with the “You talking sht!” threat if you do not respect him. He is in all ways superior to everyone else in his universe. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Heath)
  • One ship confirmed by the cast multiple times. The ship Tyrus was from Andi Mack’s show on Disney Channel. Almost all Andi Mack fans have shipped them since the 3×07,3×11 events. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo Moreno)
  • This is one of the most beautiful ships. The series Andi Mack is available on Disney Channel. Included the characters Cyrus Goodman, and T.J. Kippen The Swingset Scene and Chocolate Chip Muffin Scene are two of the most well-known scenes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bethesda)
  • The best ship ever Andi Mack, Disney Channel Include the characters Cyrus Goodman Joshua Rush T.J. Kippen Luke Mulen The Swingset Scene and Chocolate chip muffin are the most popular scenes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brittany Carpenter)