Twitterati means: Twitterati is a term that refers to users on Twitter. They are actively involved in Twitter, tweeting and interacting with news. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathon Cooke)

What else does Twitterati mean?

  • Combination of the twitterati, an insignificant and bothersome individual with glitterati social elites. Twitterati are gay men who think they’re important but aren’t. The twitterati is usually preppy and pretentious, and well-groomed. The twitterati can bore you, depending on your location and the social status they seek to achieve, with their latest gossip on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton or tell you about their new career in opera and plans for a Manhattan penthouse. It can be used to address individuals or the entire group of twitterati members. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rylan Mills)
  • Power Users (in Community Dictionary, added by Bridger Little)
  • Twitter elite: Their 140-character tweets are a magnet for thousands of people and capture attention from the rest of us. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sh4dowmerPagoda)