Twinting means: Friends who have an identical appearance to one another but are not considered “twinning”, usually refers to those with similar personalities but differing skin tones. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovanni Michael)

What else does Twinting mean?

  • A psychological condition caused by drug abuse that obstructs one’s ability to distinguish between real and drug-induced reality. Twinting is defined as: This term is used to describe techno-lovers and party goers who use drugs such as the infamous bombs…the likeable K or LSD. A toxic dose of Mary can make twinting a great experience. Twinters feel like they can’t be separated for days. This is because their perception of time, relativity (in this instance the twinter), is affecting how the twinter perceives the world. Twinters may also be affected by the M.F.K Syndrome, abbreviated as “Mothafucking King” sensation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Trace Miranda)