tweezot means: Person who walks along the shore, picking up seagulls dead and then rubbing their faces. It is better to run from them as soon as possible, and not even make eye contact. Avoid tweezots. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madalynn Bell)

What else does tweezot mean?

  • It is Montreal’s great public transport system term. I heard it first in the 1950’s. Tweezot refers to an obnoxious person who loves sucking the farts from the seats of buses’ back benches. Because the rows of seats to the front were covered with a panel, the driver couldn’t see anyone who was crouching there on older Montral buses, the back seat was preferred. Since then, the busses were redesigned. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryann Berry)
  • A person who eats dead seagulls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quintin Greene)