Twattage means: It is also known as “power of the pussy”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moisés Torres)

What else does Twattage mean?

  • The verb to twat is the source of twattage. Verb 1.verb The act of making a strong connection to the object in question so that it actually buries itself in the ground over the neighboring hefges. This is a feat of supremacy that can only be displayed by experienced twatters. It will crush opposing teams in many ways. For example, the defenseless child is left standing there, while the bat-wielding henchman feeds him. He just stands there, swats the ball at them and crushes the little child to oblivion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicomedes Hidalgo)
  • 1. Gunk was released from the twat. 2. It’s just plain bullshit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mohamed Crespo)
  • Noun: A number that indicates how much a person is a “twat”. The twattage is similar to the electrical wattage. However, a higher number indicates that there’s a dimmer lightbulb than one with a greater brightness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Serrano)