Turkish Mudflaps means: How to Set it up Three key factors are necessary for the Turkish Mudflaps event to occur. The first is that the male involved should be small and lean. The second requirement is that the woman must be so overweight her cheeks are covered in rolls. The third and most important element of the equation is the fact that the woman involved must be suffering from severe diarrhea. Act It is important to note that while the male engages in anal sex, it must be noted that diarrhea from the thrusting will be pulled out and forced back in. Then, the diarrhea should be smeared on the cheeks, creating a huge mess and looking like mud flaps. The male then quickly grabs his weapon and jumps up, landing on the female’s small back. The male then nutches over the area and jumps up, hitting the woman’s lower cheeks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anthony Shelton)