turgle means: You can sneak behind someone in school or any other establishment that has people who tend to carry a bag around their backs. Grab the bag, shake it vigorously, and shout loudly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Folderol)

What else does turgle mean?

  • Unexpectedly, one’s smartphone to die while speaking. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keegan Bryant)
  • An absurd word that strange people use to describe turtles. (in Community Dictionary, added by Declan Mack)
  • Verb also known as turgling or turgled. Turgler also uses the proper noun The act of contraction by a turd burglar, or turd-burgler. One who is a Turd Burglar, i.e. A person who, through various means, robs someone of their ability to shat. It is similar to baseketball’s “psyche out”. A male turd burglar will use the act of intimidation to assert his dominance in the toilet environment. It is often used in the past tense to complain about others and boast about oneself. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cash Zhang)