Tupac means: Actor and rapper with charisma. In a shooting accident, he was killed in Las Vegas at 25. Northeastern University Professor Murray Forman described Tupac, a “prolific musician” driven by “a terrible sense for urgency” and a desire to unify “mind, body, spirit.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lainey Andrade)

What else does Tupac mean?

  • It is difficult to express Tupac’s genius. Who knows what Tupac could have done if he were still here today? (in Community Dictionary, added by Laila Decker)
  • Tupac Amaru, which means “Shining Serpent”, is how his name was given to him by the Inca’s. Although he was a great rapper, too many people just say “yo Tupac is tight yo fia sho they’re alive”. Tupac is my favourite rapper. His words are poetry and his life is a way to live. Listen to one of his songs and, if it doesn’t feel real, don’t talk about him. Let him go, he was supposed to die. but let his words never die. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodney Oconnor)
  • Tupac is the greatest hip-hop artist to have ever lived. He is still alive, I think. R.I.P His musical abilities are unmatched by anyone, and he brought a whole new definition to hip-hop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Karla Frost)
  • Tupac is the definitive rapper and, in my view, the ultimate hero. Tupac was one of our most beloved souls. He touched everything with art. His genius was apparent in the industry of Gangsta Rap. As complicated as his life was, he always fought for the things he believed and expressed emotion with unmatched intensity. To the African-American community and anyone else that looks up to him, he’s an iconic figure and legend. He will be remembered as a legend and an inspiration to all of us. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luciana Hubbard)