tumut means: This emoticon can be used to flip double birds. It is best known for being used by Caliborn, a character from the webomic Homestuck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laylah Ruiz)

What else does tumut mean?

  • The town is located in the Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia. It is also known as the “resting spot by the river”, and has approximately 7,000 inhabitants. Two interesting things about Tumut is that Tumut is a palindrone look it up and the town is full of zombies…. BRAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNSSSS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ceferino Santiago)
  • An emoticon. This emoticon depicts an individual frowning and giving the middle finger to their subject. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jared Baxter)
  • One town in NSW, Australia. Tumut is full o’ losers who rob the lives of anyone living there. (in Community Dictionary, added by Orestes Montoro)
  • A symbol for flipping the double birds. The emoticons are composed of the two ts representing the hands and the us representing the eyes. The m is the mouth. It’s usually used to identify the item. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryker Shelton)