Tuli means: Traditional circumcision ceremony in the Phillipines. It is usually performed in the teens and tweens. There are two things to note about this: Contrary to Intactivists’ belief, the Philippines circumcision doesn’t involve the complete removal of the foreskin. It is a superincision. This would mean the foreskin could still be intact in some sense. Unfortunately, the Philippines has two stigmas surrounding uncut men. This stigma is very unfortunate in our day and age. Tuli can be translated as circumcision, even though it’s not really circumcision. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corinne Barajas)

What else does Tuli mean?

  • To paint a picture, you will need a painting brush. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mateo Pastor)
  • Tuli is an extraordinary person. I am scared of her. (in Community Dictionary, added by CybersubBosh)
  • It could be a gun. It was in Akon’s “Ghetto” song. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miranda Holland)
  • N: Any type of handgun. A tuli handgun is not yet registered. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anaya Clark)