Tujunga means: A Samoan ancient war challenge. You must hit each opponent on the chest using the other hand. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Carney)

What else does Tujunga mean?

  • This is the most miserable place on Earth. Indio is not included. While there may be places that are absolutely disgusting, Tujunga ranks among the top five most suckiest. Tujunga is a complete sucker. I can’t believe anyone would exaggerate how much Tujunga suckers in any Dyson vacuums or hurricanes. Tujunga’s all-sucking nature is unmistakable. This is the reason why Meteorological communities now accept as fact that windy conditions are common in Glendale and La Crescenta, La Canada. Sunland, Shadow Hills. Lake View Terrace. Sometimes Arleta and Pacoima can be found within the Santa Clarita Valley. Although I don’t have any proof of it, I would not be surprised to hear that “Tujunga”, an early 1900s term for regional slang, means “to suck beyond all human comprehension, forever.” Or maybe that’s an old word meaning “place where all winds blow”. Many people believe that death taxes ,…. are the only two things you can count on. Wrong! There are three things that will never change: Taxes, death, and the irrefutable fact that Tujunga suckers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelyn Long)
  • The land of the bums and alcoholics. I HATE TUBUNGA. WHAT DOES TUJUNGA MEEAN? (in Community Dictionary, added by Christine Kirk)
  • Tujunga is home to hillbillies and rejecteds as well as lifted trucks and other bros. You will soon become a toothless tweeper if you can’t leave this place. Foothill Boulevard is home to many homeless. Day and night, it looks like Hills Have Eyes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ivy Tapia)