Tuck and Roll means: If you are getting annoyed with passengers in the car, tell them to get out of it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hunter Guerra)

What else does Tuck and Roll mean?

  • A man will insert himself in another man with his legs crossed over his head. They form a ball, roll around and stare at each other until they bust a nut. Then they both stand straight up and pass one another. (in Community Dictionary, added by Denise Duarte)
  • You bang your girlfriend on the pullout sofa at your friends and your mom runs down the stairs. You should tuck you erection in your pants, and then roll off your girlfriend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sonia Santana)
  • To stop a fall, you can tuck your head under your legs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Castaneda)
  • Modern urban tactic used in firearms training. It allows you to maneuver around obstacles and still maintain a forward motion. This tactic is most commonly used by Airsoft and Paintball players, but it can also be employed by live-fire weapon personnel. This technique is almost always used while running. You dive forward so that your shoulder touches the ground and then you turn into a ball. You can immediately jump back into running or a kneeling position as soon as you get out of the ball. (in Community Dictionary, added by Richard Trujillo)