TSI means: Traumatic Sleep Injury (TSI) is an acronym that describes waking up with an unspecified injury while you sleep or are asleep. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wombat)

What else does TSI mean?

  • All types of DSM vehicles made by Eagle, Plymouth, or Mitsubishi that contain a turbocharger, or an all-wheel drive combination… This can include a turbo front drive or turbo all-wheel drive setup, such as the EAGLE TALLON TSI 220 bhp and PLYMOUTH LSER TSI 170 bhp respectively, MITSUBISH ECLIPSE, GSX, or GS–T, with 240 bhp (in Community Dictionary, added by George Leblanc)
  • Abbreviation for “This Shit Insane”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Soledad Gómez)
  • The Chrysler series number is used to indicate a particular sporting type. According to Chrysler Corp sources, the acronym stands for Touring Sport Injection. These vehicles were the most sporty of all models made by Chrysler. The TSi models that were released in America include the Chrysler Conquest and Eagle Talon as well as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Eagle Vision, Chrysler Sebring TSi, and the Eagle Vision. Some believe that “Turbo”, or “Turbocharged” is the symbol for the T character of the acronym. Chrysler doesn’t deny this or verify it, but only two TSi models were equipped with turbochargers factory-installed, the Conquest, and the Talon. The character “i”, in the series, stands for “injection” but it is important to note that these cars were all fuel-injected and the “i”, character means an increase in performance through electronic or forced induction. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)
  • TSi is an acronym that stands for Turbo Sport Intercooled. It can be found on the Eagle Vision TSi (Eagle Talon TSi), Chrysler Conquest TSi and Eagle Talon TSi. This is used to signify the existence of a trim level with an intercooled turbocharged motor. Other than Vision Verb: An action that is quick or moves quickly, derived from TSi enthusiast. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rose Aguirre)