trout mouth means: Motherfucker, who talks shit and runs her mouth constantly. Usually women but also men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolyn Robinson)

What else does trout mouth mean?

  • Female with questionable sexual ethics and morals. You are often seen wearing provocative or little clothing. The synonyms for slut are prostitute, tramp, and slut. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eleventeen)
  • This describes the pungent, sticky taste that your tongue gets after a night of drinking. Then, you bring home the filthiest, most disgusting, and dirtiest woman in the house and engage in deep, clumsy conversations with her. Long-term use of white vinegar and long oral washing with it is the only cure. Do not try toothpaste as they can cause nausea and vomiting. If the incident occurred at your residence, assume that the victim has been ejected from your home. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dixie Duke)
  • Unbearable bitch who sucks for money but still can’t pay the bill. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guillermo Martín)
  • Large lips in a black man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roger Lowe)
  • Someone who complains and makes their lips appear like they are a gaint pussy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jase Ware)