Trist means: Trist is sweet, kind, trustworthy, loyal, beautiful, smart and a good conversationalist. She also likes to be noticed but she is very reserved. Trist loves smut, and is great at speaking dirty. Talk is all she has. She can play piano, and she plans to open her own McDonald’s. Because hair is an indicator of strength, she loves traveling and money. She’s a small-sized person and only likes guys who are at least 6 feet tall, despite her inability to kiss men over 6 feet tall. She uses lowercase letters, likes pink and says lmao way too often. She is a sweet, cuddly and bubbly friend who is also a gifted artist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Huynh)

What else does Trist mean?

  • An error when someone means to trust, but forgets to reread. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shannon Snow)
  • The state of being sad and happy. (in Community Dictionary, added by HoiPolloi)
  • Private group meeting or social event. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryder Chambers)