Triggered means: The most well-known definition of triggered is when someone feels offended, hurt or becomes angry. It’s often used to denote feminists or victims. This word is often used on social media and it’s generally considered ableist. 2. Actaul Definition of Trigger: A trigger that transports a person to an event from her trauma. Trauma can manifest as flashbacks, overwhelming sadness, anxiety or panic. Some triggers can be quite harmless, as the brain creates a link between them and their feelings. A person might panic attack if they smell incense at a shop after being raped. People with severe anxiety or PTSD can trigger triggers by seemingly everyday items. (in Community Dictionary, added by Artemio Román)

What else does Triggered mean?

  • An emotionalpsychological reaction caused by something that somehow relates to an upsetting time or happening in someone’s life. It is common to see this reaction in people with PTSD and depression as well as war vets. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)
  • Feeling hateful after witnessing, hearing, or being exposed to something that you don’t like. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Santiago)