transmuters means: Terry deHavilland designed the boots Transmuters. These boots are made from leather and have 5 straps. They can be worn at the knee. These boots have a 3″ platform, a 5″ heel, and a 3″ platform. They are available in black or white. However the more costly white versions are rarer. These boots are unique because you can purchase extra panels and customize them. This is why the term ‘transmuter” is used. The panels could be rubber spikes or tendrils or UV Panels or Chrome panels, or even chrome with spikes. Gene Simmons, from Kiss, was the first to have a pair. Marilyn Manson has a similar pair. They were my first love. They are popular with ‘candies,’ ‘cybers’, and other people. These are quite expensive, costing between PS60 and PS160 just for the boots and PS15 to PS55 for panels. Couch and Prohibition Pussy are two examples of companies that make the panels. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philip Sweeney)