Transcendentalism means: This philosophy was developed by an American group of writers after the Civil War. Transcendentalists believe that all energy comes from a supernatural source called the “Over Soul”, which is where it eventually returns. Transcendentalist thinking includes expanding the mind by connecting to nature. This means accepting nature as part of universal energy and accepting the fact that even what is deemed “unnatural” or contrary to nature actually comes from the same energy. This is not a religion. It’s a way to see life that expands your mind and questions the mysteries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cali Mahoney)

What else does Transcendentalism mean?

  • This movement was founded by people who wanted to create literature which was American-made and unlike anything else Europe has ever seen. The movement’s writers were more interested in spirituality, romance and intuition than common sense. The abolitionists and the women’s rights movements were also heavily involved with transcendentalist literature. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rigescent)
  • This is the most ridiculous word I have ever researched. It is not a religion, but a philosophy. The belief system of Effectivley is built on the use of intuition, feeling, and literature. There is no God, and no guidance. People do what is right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lkjhgfdsa)
  • You should never search for what you don’t have. This is more about freedom, and taking control of your own life rather than being controlled by others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonia Suárez)
  • This concept was at the heart of the Transcendental Movement in the 1830s. This idea represents an idealistic belief system which focuses on spirit and considers it more valuable than matter. Follwers believed that there was a superhuman being called the Oversoul. This Oversoul could be all-powerful and good. Transcendentalism supported reforms to achieve a greater cooperation among everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iyana Monroe)
  • This is possibly the most absurd and hypocritical idea that has ever been conceived. (in Community Dictionary, added by JordalCredal)
  • An intellectual and literary movement that emerged in New England during the 19th century. It was associated with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and asserts an ideal spiritual reality. This transcends scientific and empirical reality. Intuition is the only way to know it. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A state or quality that is transcendental. (in AZ Dictionary)