toss my salad means: Playing with your balls is a great way to get a girl involved. You can toss them about like a salad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reyna Padilla)

What else does toss my salad mean?

  • Gay man who loved his balls was played by another guy and they have a great time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cullen Page)
  • People who play Halo use this technique to repeatedly kneel over an enemy’s corpse and shout “Toss my salad bitch!” before they respawn. see: tbag. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Camacho)
  • You can use a ready-made dish with various vegetables to throw at your guests. In a quick motion, place lettuce, tomato and celery mayonnaise on a smooth surface. (in Community Dictionary, added by Filibuster)
  • Make a peanut butter-jelly sandwich from someone’s snout and then shoot semen around the area shouting that it was a great tossed salad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valery Bowen)
  • 1. Making a salad. mixing greens. 2 slang. You humiliate someone and order them to do something like smearing jelly or other desirable substances in their anus. The HBO HBO special on prison, Tossing my Salad. As an act of initiation, the seasoned convict explained what he would do for a new prisoner. The seasoned convict would give the “fish” an assortment of grape jelly, and the inmate would smear it in his genitals while masturbating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Itzel King)
  • Deep tongue penetration is required to rim. (in Community Dictionary, added by Parker Kennedy)