TNS means: There are no standards for Team Ironically, a group of men who have ridiculous standards for women, yet they still get so much tang it seems they don’t even know what they are doing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Schaefer)

What else does TNS mean?

  • Twisted Nut syndrome is an acronym. A male form of PMS, or an indication that one has a medical condition after having their testicles twisted in the scrodem. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Chase)
  • Total Network Solutions is a Welsh soccer club. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elsie Duffy)
  • Team no standards Blind, disabled, and crazy, 8-80 years old. They can be dragged if they are unable to walk. If nobody likes them I will love them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ciro Domínguez)
  • The acronym TNS stands for “typically nigger sh*t”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruby Davis)
  • The Nigger Shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalynn Bray)
  • Acronym-The Neighbahood Scum An Australian Graffiti artist crew that was established in 1989. Practising Hip Hop members from Australia, the U.K and elsewhere. They are often referred to simply as “KINGS” because of the contributions they make to Hip Hop culture worldwide. The idea for TNS came from two extraordinary twin brothers MORBID AND SODA, each of whom have incredible artistic talent and skills in all aspects of Hip Hop. It was almost twenty years ago that these Brothers were the source of inspiration for an entire art movement in Sydney Suburbs. Now, the crew includes many talented artists who practice a variety of skills, including clothing design, tattoo design,automotive artwork and design,stage management, artist promotion,artist managment and pro studio recording. Graffiti DVD – Subway Soldiers was recently released. It featured the artists along with several other groups who took the lead from TNS, namely TBK or TDP established in 1994 and the infamous SS Subway Soliders. This DVD has been also reviewed by Australian street media and can be purchased through many clandestine locations across Australia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Montserrat Aguilar)