Tinsel means: Another word for “tinsel” is to refer to a situation that’s cool or extraordinary. This is Tinsel! This can be used to describe any thing as cool or extraordinary. You are Tinsel! (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryleigh Hendricks)

What else does Tinsel mean?

  • As a complement to cool, sick or awesome, the Christmas adjective is used. A person or object that has great affection. This is a wonderful compliment and should only be used by people who are worthy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cattywampus)
  • A showy, sparkling thing that is basically worthless. A blong, gaudy and showy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phoebe Pacheco)
  • Cheap jewelry. Fake jewelry. Quarter machine specials. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mario Branch)
  • Noun. Unwanted manscape trimmings. Verb; to tinsel means to pass unwanted manscape trimmings on to another person during relationships, such as to place tinsel on Christmas trees. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eduvigis Caballero)
  • These little stringy gold things are what you place on your Christmas tree. (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Schaefer)
  • Use thin, slender sheets or strips of glittering material as decorations. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A little bit of sparkle or shine, but essentially nothing. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Gaudy and showy but essentially worthless (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Use tinsel to decorate. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Give a fake sparkle (in AZ Dictionary)