Thugology means: Study of the thug. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belén Herrero)

What else does Thugology mean?

  • According to Modern Age beliefs, the religion was founded in November 2008. It is believed that Tupac and Biggie (from the East and West Coasts) are the last great prophets in the world. This faith can be accessed through their lyrics. In Thugology’s hierarchy of icons, there are many other “thugs”. These icons are not yet included in a place with the appropriate title, as they were not created by Patrick “Pen Island”, and Josh “Jammin’ Yo Wife” Dalton “Deez Nuts”. A member of Thugology can be identified by their repeated use of “Thug life” and a fist in air. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cleofás Mora)