Thrax means: 1. adj. 1. adj. 2. verb. To eat and savor a food. Usually used in the context of getting the munchies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Izabelle Nicholson)

What else does Thrax mean?

  • This is a type of extremely strong weed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ace Hanson)
  • This name is derived from anthrax. This is a powerful weed. It is usually extremely cold and can get you to the moon in just a few puffs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coleman Thomas)
  • Oberlin College, Year 2006. The older brother of my teammate rolled a blunt laced in Xanax. At the time, I didn’t know much about Xanax. The blunt was smoked and I felt like a monkey. I couldn’t see clearly and started mumbling about anthrax blunts, not being familiar with the term Xanax. The story was long, but I finally made it home. I opened the door. I sat down on my bed. I was dizzy, but not paranoid. “Fuck.,” I most likely uttered out loud. My laptop had this mixtape from DJ Scoob Do with lil Wayne. He definitely is a Tiger One. It’s not clear if I gave him Scooby Doo. The backpacks with the animal on them are the ones you know. I first saw them in East Palo Alto. But, I also have one with a Yoda animal. However, I digress. My girlfriend, at that time, comes into my life out of the blue with a high school senior who was living with her. My scooby-do backpack was her request. My bed was quiet as I lay down peacefully. “Don’t get my scooby-do backpack!” I murmured. The pack was hers anyway and she ran out of the room. Just in time for tigers to take her backpack, I got out of my stupor. Just in time for scooby-doo to be saved, my arm shot through the hall. She fell to the ground and was embarrassed. I told her not to bring my scooby-doo backpack. She said. She went away; I fell asleep. All was well. It was all good. My roommate saw it. It was my last anthrax blunt. That girl was my girlfriend for quite a while. It was the end. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aedan Mcguire)
  • Osmosis Jones’ kickass virus Thrax is his name. He is known by his street name, ‘El Muerte Rojo or the ‘Red Death’. MorpheusLawrence Fisherbourne voices this badass. He doesn’t care about the people he kills. To add his DNA to the chain, he enters into a person and steals their hypothalamus cell’s DNA. He then leaves all 13 trillion of them to die. He also has a claw that glows, causing organisms to spontaneously explode and things to catch fire. He is a very grotesque-looking creature, but chicks love Thrax. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Martín)