The Warriors means: Sol yurik wrote a book about the lives of teenage-aged adult street gangs in the 1960s. It was an outstanding one. This book was later made into a movie, though the ending is slightly different from the original. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Mendez)

What else does The Warriors mean?

  • The film is a 1979 classic that was based on the book The Warriors, by Sol Yurick. It’s about New York gangs. Cyrus, the leader of The Riffs, the biggest gang in New York City calls for an incline truce among all the New York gangs and organizes a meeting with many smaller and major time gangs. Cyrus talks about forming one gang from all the gangs and trying to control the city. Luther is the leader of the Rouges gang and Cyrus is assassinated at the meeting. The Warriors are then framed. The Warriors must then return to Coney Island to avoid being captured or killed by hostile gangs looking for The Warriors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángeles Núñez)