The Vaids means: The most obnoxious of all the smelly…THE thirstiest…THE horniest… Vaids, your Indian family are the cheapest. They’re known for having crusty toes and no hoes. Vaids may include a banana or a guava. You can have two pomegrantaes, but it may not be enough. Every once in a while, one pomegranate might go missing. Baby fruits and vegetables tend to be more docile than the adults and will prey on young people or attempt to blend in with the mature. They smell like a bunch of turds when they are too ripe. Vaids are the ones responsible for food fights in communities all across the country. This includes currency exchanges and altercations CO2 emissions. You must be careful when dealing with Vaids to avoid the unpleasant smell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janae Fritz)