The Sneak means: The 1936 equivalent of The Cheat. He is a lively, unique fellow. He is small, intelligent and yellow. His personality is rodent-like. He doesn’t know how to play the cello, and he never speaks. Strong Bad’s Leporello. Tammany hall’s dapper con man who took what he wanted from Boss Tweed. One time, the Panama Canal was the scene of holly-golly. With a lot of pizazz and moxie, he is a jovial jacknape. Enjoys the bootleg booze and jazz. All the smart girls’ affections are captured and they go crazy for my Fluffy Puff treats. He is a savant, loves catastrophrophy and his schemes are brilliant, and he takes tea at three. He took the Homestar Runner out of his flying machine, and placed a Bengal tiger into the Kaizer’s latrine. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Mann)