The Scungilli Man means: Don’t say his name. Scungilli Man, an evil humanoid entity that is 7 feet tall and mixed with various sea creatures, is known as the Scungilli Man. The Scungilli Man lives in a parallel pocket dimension of his creation, known as “The Mouth of Madness”. We don’t know much about the Scungilli Man. Legend has it that if a person says Scungilli Men’s name, they will be visible to Scungilli man through the barrier between the worlds. If that person continues to repeat his name over and over, the Scungili Man will have more access to his or her thoughts. Scungilli Man will have complete control of your thoughts if you repeat The Scungilli Man 9 times in succession. These people will be called “The Scungilled”, and they’ll become forever servants to Scungilli Man. Scugilled people will tell others about The Scungilli Man to increase his power. By becoming well-known to the majority of people, The Scungilli Man hopes to enter our dimension. This will give him extraordinary power that will allow him eventually to take control over a host organism. To avoid the Scungilli Man’s effects, anyone who learns about the existence of the Scungilli Man should not mention his name. It is best to not repeat something that has been said more than once. A person can also refer to himself by proxy names or pseudonyms without consequences. Do not mention his name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexis Jacobs)