The sampler means: An orgy of members from every race A sexual relationship with another member of the same race, on different occasions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maniform)

What else does The sampler mean?

  • Also called “finger test”. The procedure involves inserting one or more of your fingers into the vagina. This is done quickly and subtly so that the subject doesn’t notice the smell. The same technique is also applicable to the anus. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Caldwell)
  • This is a method of oral sex where a man/woman eats the woman’s vagina. Start by going in gently, just barely touching the edges of the clit. Then, gradually increase the length and strength of your lickspenatrations using your tongue to “sample” the woman’s vag. It is thought that it can be more stimulating for women because of the gradual increase in intensity and heightening of the licksstrokes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lea Rivera)