The Sacrifice means: Sacrifice is an act of revenge. It should not be used if all those involved agree to sacrifice the victim. You can make a girl or a man mad by doing something that makes you angry. You talk the girl or boy into sleeping in your parent’s bedroom while they go out for dinner or a movie. Once you have gained access to your parent’s bedroom you will handcuff them and then start turning the other way. You should continue to go down on the victim until they are just about to turn and then you can get up to walk away. Then, the victim will be left naked in their bed with no place to hide. The victim will be a man, so he’ll probably have some blue balls. If it’s a woman, the parents can see her naked and wild lying on their beds. The person in either situation will not be able to complete the task they have started and will need to be handcuffed. They also won’t be able to run away before their parents come home, eager to get back to their bed. The key should be kept out of reach so their parents can release them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devan Weber)

What else does The Sacrifice mean?

  • This is when the headliner band lights a firethrower on the front row. It’s the culmination of any German or Austrian Deathblack Metal concert. These are the steps. 1. A bloody scream is heard from the lead vocalist. The front row runs wild, ready for Satan. 2. With a flamethrower, he burns down the front row. 3. The show continues. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rosendo Crespo)