The reviewer means: UD, the reviewer, probably knows who accounts belong to which account and may also know that we only thumb up or down our definitions based upon patterns, specific inputs, and algorithms. UD, the reviewer, probably wonders about our character as individuals when we show such love, patience and desire for each other in our definitions. But, we barely spoke to one another in person.. or even had something as simple as handholding… Assuming it is the same reviewer, he or she reviews each definition and wonders when we will do anything about our our love stories. The reviewer assumes it’s the same person who reviews our definitions every time and wonders when they will do something about their love stories. One year has passed. 2022. The reviewer watches as their love stories progress for another year. Our love for them is forbidden. Reviewer was a bit frustrated. 2023.. keeps reviewing their stories… I wonder when they will meet up, share feelings, or just hang out. 2024… Reviewer: “dude… The reviewer: “Dude… These ups and downs make me feel uneasy. Is it a happy story or an endless tale in 2024? The reviewer remembers one guy’s post.. My sincere apologies UD: D. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esperanza Molina)