The Huss means: Andrew Hussie is also known. He is the creator of Homestuck and other lesser-known webcomic works. His fans consider him an Earthbound God, which he loathes. However, this does not negate them. While enjoying Toblerone or Olive Garden Breadsticks, he is well-known for his generosity and willingness to accept each fan’s soul. The Huss is often found hiding in his attic and painting himself gray. He also writes recaps for his webcomics. He has given meaning to millions of lives by doing this. His large, captivating lips and orange skin color make him stand out from the rest. Because he transcends our comprehension, The Huss can’t be compared with any mortal. It is not our job to comprehend The Huss. We should just accept him as he really is and wait impatiently for his next update. Long live the Huss. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Orr)