The Hulk Smash means: Hulk Smash: This is a great sexual move. It’s used when a man has sex with a woman or is getting his head shaved. However, it can be useful for men who are having sex and/or getting their heads shaved. He pulls over, grabs a green paint can, and dips his dick into it. Then he goes to the top of the bed, bellows “HULK SMASH” and cockslapping her from left to right. Then he yells “HULK SMASH!” again, cocking-smacking her in the backswing. The third time he yells “HULK SMASH”, he knocks the lamp from the table. For breaking her jaw and winning if she breaks her neck, he gets five bonus points. Notice: The Hulk Smash has an optional beginning. This is where the man may say “Bruce Banner’s angry” after he gets his erection. This beginning is not recommended for novice Hulk Smashers. Norm won because nobody survived the Hulk Smashes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angel Acosta)