the documentary means: Another guy gave a very thourogh account of the amazing album. However, he said “Until they sign mine death certificate”, which is an ambiguous reference to the album’s death certificate via ice cube. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kristopher Rubio)

What else does the documentary mean?

  • Amazing CD from The Game. It’s the 18th track and he displays a level of creativity, lyricsm, Originality, Credibility, Word Play, and integrity that is unmatched by any Rapper. While he takes shots at JA Rule and Benzino, he keeps it real and pays homage the greats. It’s not like other rap albums, which features a dopey party song, followed by ”A Joint For The Ladies”, then Cars, Bitches, and ‘’Bling Bling.’ Eminem and Tony Yayo are also present. This album has been the best West Coast release since. He covers every topic, from his son to the life he led. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bonkers)