The Doctor means: One madman who has a box. One who is a genius and wears a large, swishy jacket. An old man dressed as a magician. All of them. No matter what you do, don’t mention Rose Tyler. He’s compassionate. He is all that’s good in the universe. He’ll even come to you if you commit a crime. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Carlson)

What else does The Doctor mean?

  • Mad man living in a box. He loves bowties and is obsessed by fezzes. He is not ginger at all, but he was and will always be an optimist and dreamer of impossible dreams. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mudpuppy)
  • Like fire, he is as ancient as the past, never ending. He’ll appear in blue spaceship, and he will look at you and tell you to run for your life. An alien from Gallifrey, 900 years old who moves through space and time in his blue machine, the TARDIS. The chameleon circuit in the TARDIS has been broken so that it looks like a police station. (in Community Dictionary, added by Savion Carson)
  • He is fire, ice and fury. He is like the moon and the storm at the center of the sun. He is ancient and eternal. He can sense the turning of the universe and burns in the middle of time. And… he’s wonderful. You didn’t know he existed, but he has helped so many people save their lives. He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t stay. He doesn’t ask for any thanks. He can alter his appearance. His magical machine takes him through time and space in his travels. The Last of the Time Lords is a lonely, wandering angel from Galifrey. He has no home and is constantly looking for someone to share his life with. You can’t have the monsters without the doctor. Although he is terrifying and so thrilling, he’s also very frightening. He is called the Doctor. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Cano)