The Dirty Menorah means: The Menorah is rooted in Hebrew culture and religion. However, it has just recently entered the vocabulary of sexual parlance. It has evolved to be more secular, as it can now be practiced not just by people of Hebrew faith and ancestry, but also by Christians and agnostics of all religions. Although it is based on different religious doctrine, it is closely related to Dirty Sanchez and Dirty Rodriguez. Contrary to the Menorah which has nine candles total, two people are needed to make a dirty Menorah. The male or one male, if performed by non-hetero couples, will serve as the sexual shamash. The’shamash has anal sex with his partner for eight consecutive days. After having successfully nutted in his recipient’s ans, each day the shamash places a unique Hebrew-language character on his partner’s forehead. He uses only his penis for this purpose. The ‘ink’ used to create the characters is cock-borne matter from the shamash. Contrast this with Dirty Ash Wednesday. (in Community Dictionary, added by Libby Zamora)