The Crack Alley means: The term used to describe a Calgary nightclub or back alley. Crack Alley has been called the “best rock bar” in Canada. The Crack Alley is well-known in Calgary for its “titty shots”, rock music and lack of dress code. Calgarians are well aware that crack alley is home to the worst, most fake, tanned, bleach-blond and silicone-bellied bartenders anywhere in calgary. Music: If you’re an 18-year old high school girl and are willing to listen to one of the 40-year old DJs at the booth, you can ask for a song. Despite the fact that the crack alley plays more rock music than other Calgary night clubs, at least half the music is Lady Gaga or Rihanna due to the request policy. Entertainment: There are many activities at crack alleys, including getting “titty shots”, fighting in the parking lot or on the dancefloor and almost dying from the bear mace. It is sprayed over the floor by random assholes. Clientele: Crack alley clients include oil rig workers, who spend a lot on cocaine, high school girls aged 18 and over, and basically any metalhead who attended your high school. Normal people also need to be reminded why they haven’t gone there in awhile. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maxwell Berger)