tftib means: 1. You don’t appear to be included in the photos of your family or friends going out. You realize that you were not invited. Or, you can say “thanks, bitches,” Or, just “tftib.” You can use the “b” to stand for “bitch,” a singular word. It is an alternative to “tfti”, which is for when you are bored at work and want to go somewhere nice, because it’s summer. You’d normally accept invitations from others because you are independent. But this time you don’t feel happy. You really wanted to go out. Have fun and sing One Direction and “Call Me Maybe.” 2. Similar to above but this time you’re not sarcastic. This is because you’d prefer to go to American Idol auditions, sit for six hours and get humiliated than hang out with people who don’t know how you feel. (in Community Dictionary, added by Randy Hogan)