Tetrising means: It is the act of trying to make everything work. Plan ahead, and explore all options. Eg. Eg. Tetrising ensures that everything runs smoothly, and there is no stuffing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lea Rivera)

What else does Tetrising mean?

  • When playing tetris: The act of saying “uhp-tetris”, when you’re about to clear four lines with a tetris. This is most commonly used when you are playing multiplayer tetris. I.E. “hey, mother fu- UHP Tetris”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shaun Edwards)
  • You feel your stomach swell after eating large meals. It’s similar to getting the integral four piece for all four Tetris rows. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ariana Contreras)
  • It is the act of fitting lots of stuff into very small spaces by cleverly using every inch of space. People with Tetris skills can fit an entire home into the back of a Toyota. When space is limited, this can be very useful. This is a term that refers to a person with a particular talent in Tetris. (in Community Dictionary, added by Javion Nixon)