tee-hiny means: Noun The teehiy, especially for girls and women, is the area in the lower part of the body. This term has never been used to describe males. The vagina is not the only place it refers to. It also includes the bottom and any other areas “down there”. The term “bottom” is almost only used in the south by those who are genteel, but not anatomically interested. Although it is not known where the origins of this term are, they are common in South Louisiana. “Tee,” a FrenchCajun term that means “little,” is what “Tee” stands for. It could also be translated to “little hinyhiniehiney.” Tee-tee is the main product of the teehinnie. A nice woman in the south wouldn’t ever use “pee” to describe her. This is considered vulgar and probably more offensive than the “F’ word. It’s not the only thing that’s affected. Everyone knows you shouldn’t teee from your valve. Tee-tee with your tee hiny. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rayne Scott)