tarmacing means: You can take a bad shit against someone, and then thrust at them like a steamroller. (in Community Dictionary, added by Callie Chavez)

What else does tarmacing mean?

  • Verb To complete a successful Tarmacing, the man must spit on his fetus back during intercourse. The tarmacing should begin in the rectal cavity. It must be done upwards, moving quickly towards the neck of the lady. Once the tarmacing has been completed, it is a good idea to run in the opposite direction of the lady. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erin Stuart)
  • A cowboy girl will move up to hit the chest of the bans. She then rubs it with her cheeks, much like a steam roller. This is called tarmacing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Astraphobia)
  • The male fornicator places a hot stool on the female’s chest and then spinks the entire thing in a similar fashion to road markings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kassandra Dougherty)